Sunday, January 29, 2012

Moving in day

It's Sunday and we are finally moving into our house today!

I was able to get my driver license on Friday.  Usually, only people who ace the written exam get to take the practical on the day of the test and get their driver license.  I did *not* ace it, but no one in the entire class of over 100 people did either, so I took a chance and begged the instructor to let me take the practical that day as we needed to rent a car so we could move in over the weekend.  It worked!  He took me over right away and I got my driver license at about 4:30pm.  I went immediately to the rental office and got a van booked for Sunday at noon.  Then went to the insurance office to buy insurance for our new car.  Next step there is back to the Vehicle Registration Office for something magic, then to a police station to register our parking spot.  3 days after that, we go back to VRO, then to LTO (which is in Yokohama somewhere).  Anyway, our car won't be ours until another week or so.

Yesterday (Saturday), I was at the house with Rowan (Kerri felt sick and stayed home) in the morning.  We met our landlord, the gas guy came and turned on the gas, the Internet guy came and we signed up for Internet (160MBs for $80 a month!!!), and our agent dropped buy to sign some final paperwork and show us how to operate our heaters and bathtub.  We had lunch at a local ramen shop and rode the train back to base.

So today is moving in day.  We'll meet a guy from work who is kindly coming in to let us into the company office so we can extract our boxes from it.  We'll get everything in our house, then go hunting for futons, pillows and hopefully at least a refrigerator (used).  We still need washer/dryer before our appliances will be complete.

Tomorrow is my first day of work (though I still have some other things to take care of during the week).

Here's a picture of some Japanese Navy boats taken from a walkway near one of the train stations (not on base).

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