Sunday, January 22, 2012

Car and Ginza

Well, today was eventful.

We met the guy to check out the car nearby at 9am.  He showed up with another car as well, a 2001 Honda Odyssey (here the Odyssey is still the older 4 door version).  It had 40,000km and was a one owner car.  It's also got all the options and was very well taken care of.  After driving that and the other vehicle, and then looking at the other cars in the lemon lot, we decided the Odyssey would be the car for us.  It's a lot smaller than the US version, but still pretty big by Japanese standards.  It'll be very useful for hauling stuff that we need to buy for our new house, and for when we have visitors.  It was $5000.

Then we headed for Ginza (just a few stops before Akihabara in Tokyo), to church.  We made it down fine, found the church, then wandered around til 3pm when it started.  The worship and sermon were in Japanese, but the sermon was translated.  It was fine, but not a realistic church for us to attend given how far and expensive it would be to go there every sunday.  We'll try another next week closer to home.

Here's a picture of Kerri and Rowan in Ginza:

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