Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quarterly Update...

Let's hope not!

I can't believe how long it's been since the last post. Seems like no time has passed at all to us. We are definitely into a day-to-day rhythm that seems to make the time fly by.

We had a very snowy winter, through which I rode my bike to work every day. That's pretty much gone now, and it's mostly grey and rainy now, with spots of sunshine. Kerri's bike arrived a while back, but since Rowan isn't riding yet, she's restricted to using it mostly on weekends or for quick trips. Our tandem and my fold-able will be shipping soon from Bike Friday and we are looking forward to being more mobile as a family.

We found a great church in Heidelberg, Grace International Baptist, and have become members as of last Sunday. We take the train through Mannheim to Heidelberg for about an hour, so Sundays are Heidelberg days. We finally got to the old town a couple of weeks ago and found a local brewery called Vetters. The beer was pretty good, not great, but better than most. The food was really heavy though.

We really don't have much time for exploration yet. The weather hasn't been very compliant either and the most we've done is go downtown Mannheim a couple of times, or eat out at a few of the local restaurants near us.

There really isn't much else to say...not much is going on. Someday soon we might finally put some pictures up of our house and stuff, but not quite yet, still waiting for a few things to be put up on walls and such.