Saturday, November 16, 2013

2012 Missed Photos

In preparing the previous Nagano post, I realized we had tons of photos from 2012 that we never got around to posting, mostly due to my procrastination.

So here are some photos from 2012:

 This was a short day trip we took on the ferry from our town of Kurihama to a temple complex in the mountains just across the mouth of the bay from us. It was such a surprising experience as we had no idea what we might find over there, we just took the ferry to see what was there.

 Here are the pictures from our trip to Kyoto over Thanksgiving weekend in 2012. We thought we were being clever to go on an american holiday, but turns out there is a Japanese equivalent that usually runs on the same weekend, so it was crazy, especially with all the beautiful fall colors. However I don't think we enjoyed it as much as we could have for some minor reasons. Next time.


 Rowan and I took a day trip to Hakone to see a sulphur pit. I know sounds like a ball of fun, and it was! We got to check out the sulphurous emanations, and eat black egg shell eggs cooked in the sulphur water, and eat delicious food at the restaurant there. We also took a walk around a part of the lake.


 These are miscellaneous 2012 pictures that didn't really make their own category...


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