Monday, October 14, 2013

Adoption - Answer to prayer

Well, we received the answer to our prayers concerning our potential adoption today.

ISSJ stated that after our homestudy, they decided our family did not fit with their policies and we would not proceed any further in the process.

We are, of course, disappointed, as our hopes of having a daughter added to our family have not materialized.  However, we recognize this as an answer to our prayers from the beginning, which was always for God to direct us in this process towards His will for our lives.  We resolved to tell the complete truth during the entire process, not hiding any of our opinions or reasons for adoption that might be unpalatable or politically incorrect.  We have our suspicions as to why we were rejected, though we cannot be certain as the specific reasons are not divulged per their policy, which we knew about from the beginning.  Regardless of ISSJ's reasons, we recognize God holds ultimate sway over the hearts of men, and so we take this as His way of answering our prayers for guidance.

In another way, this opens a new and exciting chapter in our lives, as we see ourselves free to pursue other tasks and directions in the medium to long term, instead of devoting ourselves to raising another child.  We continue to pursue opportunities for the Kingdom and relationships that may lead to additional opportunities.

Recently, we began working with an organization in the US ( that seeks to plant a reformed (PCA) church near the base.  We are helping to organize meetings to see if there is enough interest to do this.

We are also thinking about moving closer to the base to reduce our rent and save more for the future (when our income is likely to decrease significantly).

We continue to reach out to other like-minded ministries and establish relationships in hopes of finding our "place" in the mid to long-term future.

Anyway, that brings us up to date.  The long horribly hot and humid summer looks to finally be finished, and we are looking forward to the cool fall season.

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  1. Just saw this post today, Jesse. I'm so sorry, but it seems like you're taking it well. I'm disappointed myself as I was hoping for a Japanese girl in the family.
    Love you guys!