Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Comings and goings

Kerri and Rowan left the other day for the states where they will be for about a month.  Kerri's sister is getting married in July and we will be there for the event.  I don't leave til July 4th, so I have some time to myself (yay!).  I love being able to explore and take risks that are either inappropriate or just plain difficult when we are all together.

Not that I've done anything exciting yet, but I did eat at a "French" restaurant last night and then we had a typhoon blow through, so it was pretty much stay at home and hope the house doesn't fall down.  But I've made a list of restaurants and will be changing my schedule so I ride home later and can grab dinner at the many little spots I've been riding by for the past six months.

The weather has started heating up, along with the humidity.  This horrible nasty summer everyone talks about is finally getting under way.  No more riding to work and just walking into the office.  It'll be a shower at the gym after I get there.

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